Summer time at Bourne Again HQ

Posted by on Jun 16, 2014 in News

We have recently moved properties to an Old Engine House which needs lots of repairs and maintenance work done. We have some garden areas to restore and access to a beautiful reservoir with lots of wildflowers and wildlife. The reservoir has been taken over by goose grass and ground elder which are becoming very invasive to other wildflowers and plants. We plan to sympathetically restore this area. Photographs to follow!

In the next few months we will be updating the page with our own project. So please keep looking for the most recent photographs. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and email.

Summer time at Bourne Again HQ IMG 0004 e1402909850331 225x300

Gary cutting the grass twice weekly to make it into a lawn!

Summer time at Bourne Again HQ IMG 0012 300x225

This hawthorn hedge was so overgrown (we forgot to take a photo). We sculptured it to make it more formal which breaks up the landscape. This hedge will be regularly cut to make a perfect shape – similar to giant box hedging!

Summer time at Bourne Again HQ IMG 0013 300x225

This area behind the houses is used for access. We have been cutting the grass at least weekly to make it a more even grass area. A lot of the grass area had been used for putting the ash from the fire. We have dug out all of the old ash and replaced it with good soil and grass seed. The beds to the right are an ongoing project. If you look further up you can see how overgrown the borders are with Laurel and Elder. We have stopped the pruning of this area until the nesting birds have all gone. The second bed has been planted up with herbs which we regularly use in the kitchen!

Summer time at Bourne Again HQ IMG 0014 e1402910272159 225x300

This garden sculpture is being used as a support for one of our new David Austen roses, Wild Edric. We have planted three of them in this front area which will make a hedge in the next few years. These roses grow to make a hedge and have the most beautiful bold semi double pink flowers with an old fashioned scent.

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