Professional garden services in and around Darlington

Our services

We offer a wide variety of essential garden services, from lawn-mowing to paving to fencing.

We can also create a full structural re-imagining of your garden, in which we offer more than just landscaping or designing, but a knowledgeable service working in tandem with local ecology.

Our gardens are not only great to look at, but are functional spaces in which you can choose to be productive or simply relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Take a look at our main services below, or head over to our commercial gardening services page to see how we could help spruce up your business property.

Key characteristics

  • All year, all weather service
  • Professional and experienced staff
  • Polite and friendly treatment
  • Great care and pride in our work
  • Full insurance
  • Health and safety policy
  • Free, no obligation quote (written on request)
We can visit your garden every week, fortnight or month to carry out tasks such as grass cutting, hedge cutting, weeding and pruning. We have many satisfied ‘regulars’ in Darlington, Bishop Auckland and the surrounding areas.

Please contact us if you are looking for a regular gardener, to do as much or as little as you like. We will visit your garden and tailor-make a package to suit your requirements.

As well as providing repairs to existing fencing and re-setting of fence posts, we can build you an entirely new fence, using a range of locally sourced fencing options and designs to suit. All wood is tanalized to prolong life span.

  • Panel fencing/close board fencing: with a heavy duty construction, this type of fencing affords maximum privacy and security.
  • Post and rail: usually used as a boundary fencing in a field or large garden.
  • Garden trellises: an optional addition to the top of fences to allow for climbing/trailing plants.
  • Picket fencing: attractive, simple and effective in cases where privacy is not a concern.
  • Custom fencing: let us make you the envy of your neighbours with fencing designed and built to your specification.
Wooden decking provides an outdoor living solution for your garden, perfect for al fresco entertaining, dining and relaxing. Let us help you create a decking design in perfect harmony with your garden.

If you would like to discuss your decking options, please get in touch. We can create a wealth of different solutions, from single to multi-level decks, efficiently utilising your space to bring your home life into the great outdoors! Our most commonly installed decking options are:

  • Traditional wood: tanalised to prolong life span, this is our most popular option, and the most economical option, at least in the short term.
  • Modern composite: this can be recycled, is extremely low maintenance and more long lasting than the traditional wood, but does have a higher initial price.
  • Top quality, commercial tanalised wood. We prefer to use this standard of wood when possible, as it has a far superior life span and provides a strong and sturdy deck area.

A whole host of paving types can be used to create your new patio area. If a particular type of stone has caught your eye, let us know and we will build a patio to suit your requirements using your chosen material. When it comes to patios there are no restrictions on the size, shape and variety of slabs you can use, and the plethora of different colours and textures available means there is a stone to suit every garden and every style.

The most popular type of paving we use is natural stone. It has been used for thousands of years and provides a long lasting, hard-wearing base. Its colour is variable, not determined by chemicals or dyes but by the site the stone was quarried. Modern technology means that this stone can be sized, shaped and designed to your specification. Stone is a very low maintenance option once laid.

There are three main types of man made paving: riven effect, textured and decorative.

  • Riven effect paving mimics the appearance of old stone flags yet is made from cast concrete. These flags are often laid using a random pattern effect. It is well worth investing in good quality riven paving, as supplied by ourselves, rather then grabbing the first flags you find at your local DIY shop, as there is a huge difference in performance.
  • Textured effect slabs have a surface that has been altered in some way during manufacture. This can produce a coarse, polished or smooth finish, often created in a wet press.
  • Decorative finish covers the remainder of the man-made paving types. From ‘wood look’ to bricks, imitation cobbles and railway sleepers, these types of paving can create the perfect finish for a particular style or theme of a garden.

At Bourne Again Gardens we create a patio with a maximum life span. All patios are laid into a wet mix of sand and cement, so once dry they form a solid base. Once the base is dry, the area between slabs is pointed with a wet mix, which prevents weeds from growing between your paving, completing the bond and ensuring a long life for your patio area.

We also offer a patio revival service, where we lift your existing patio, level the area and relay your patio at the same level. This will give it a new lease of life and is a popular option with clients who have had their current patio in place for several years.

Gravel can help create the ultimate low maintenance garden, used between paving or as a decorative base for a border or driveway. Gravel provides an economically priced option for keeping weeds at bay, with the help of a membrane layer.

There are a great number of different sizes, colours, textures and types of gravel to suit all gardens. We can source them all, ready to lay on footpaths, driveways, borders and between patio areas for that functional yet decorative finishing touch.