January Garden Maintenance at Bourne Again Gardens brings a poem!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in News

Well, January always brings lots of repair work, fixing and mending fences. Replacing posts and tidying up after the winter storms and this January has been no different. Fallen fences, storm damage and maintenance work is the order of the day!

After working at a house in Barton last week we were delighted to receive this poem from a customer. She had asked me to price up some fencing repair work for her and explained how after getting a lot of different quotes, Bourne Again Gardens was the most competitive and she decided to use our company for the repair work, especially as we had been recommended to her by a friend in the village. Its always great to get feedback, but I must say a poem written for us is a first. Thank you so much Mrs Miers.


A Bob a job those were the days.

A bob for this, bob for that, get it all done without any tat.

Now when it comes to fencing with a post, or two.

Everyone in the village has a different view.


Prices sky high for those on the make.

Then down to the bottom with nothing at stake.

The challenge is simple, to test which is best.

The man who is honest shall beat all the rest.


So give Him a chance, with no screws loose.

The others that scorn, shall cook their own goose.

Remember to give, as honesty pays.

And those who complain, need to mend their ways.