Design and build Hen House

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in News

Here at Bourne Again Gardens we were asked to design and make a hen house for a customer who’s hens had been sniffed out and taken by a fox. We were asked to design something that made it difficult for the fox to get to them. This meant taking the hen house off the ground to keep the cunning fox from the scent! The finished product consists of a hen house three feet high from the ground. It has three nesting boxes inside and lift up doors to each side to enable egg collection.  It gives the option of having a hen door for the hens to get in or a bigger door for access. A ladder will enable the hens get into their house to roost/lay their eggs!

The finished product is 6 x 4 feet with a felt roof to keep the inside dry. Here at Bourne Again Gardens we can design and make any wooden structure that you desire. From benches to garden sheds we do it all for a reasonable price.  All you need to do is discuss your requirements and we can do the rest.

Here are a few photographs of the design and build. Another photograph to follow when the hen house has been painted and the residents have moved in!