Decking Work

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in Projects

Decking offers an extension to your living area, a platform for socialising and relaxing, giving the illusion of a much bigger space. It can be a heightened platform to overlook your garden, or used to level out a sloping garden; single or multi level. Your proposed decking could offer a built in barbeque area,  water feature, table and chairs or even accommodate a hot tub! Here at Bourne Again gardens we can design and build to your specification, making your decking area exclusive to you.

Decking can be made out of various materials, the obvious one being wood. We always use tantalized wood for our decking, offering a much longer life span due to being pressure treated. A preservative is injected into the wood, making it a well priced product, which is quality and always locally sourced by us.

We are noticing an increase in demand for recycled and sustainable products for the garden and as a result of this are offering composite decking as an alternative to wood. Composite offers all of the benefits of wood but is sustainable and as flexible, without the need to stain/varnish.

Recently Bourne Again Gardens carried out a raised decking project to overcome the problem of a heavily sloping garden. The decking was made to be in line with the rear door step offering an extension of the house, leading around to the original rear exit. The conservatory was higher then the rear door so a step in the decking was added to accommodate this. Our customer did not require a balustrade for aesthetic reasons, making the appearance of a full, spacious garden. Due to not having small children this did not create a health and safety issue. Our customers were delighted with the finished project which offered them an extension of their newly created sun room.