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Summer time at Bourne Again HQ

Posted by on Jun 16, 2014 in News

We have recently moved properties to an Old Engine House which needs lots of repairs and maintenance work done. We have some garden areas to restore and access to a beautiful reservoir with lots of wildflowers and wildlife. The reservoir has been taken over by goose grass and ground elder which are becoming very invasive to other wildflowers and plants. We plan to sympathetically restore this area. Photographs to follow! In the next few months we will be updating the page with our own project. So please keep looking for the most recent photographs. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and email. Gary cutting the grass twice weekly to make it into a lawn! This hawthorn hedge was so overgrown (we forgot to take a photo). We sculptured it to make it more formal which breaks up the landscape. This hedge will be regularly cut to make a perfect shape – similar to giant box hedging! This area behind the houses is used for access. We have been cutting the grass at least weekly to make it a more even grass area. A lot of the grass area had been used for putting the ash from the fire. We have dug out all of the old ash and replaced it with good soil and grass seed. The beds to the right are an ongoing project. If you look further up you can see how overgrown the borders are with Laurel and Elder. We have stopped the pruning of this area until the nesting birds have all gone. The second bed has been planted up with herbs which we regularly use in the kitchen! This garden sculpture is being used as a support for one of our new David Austen roses, Wild Edric. We have planted three of them in this front area which will make a hedge in the next few years. These roses grow to make a hedge and have the most beautiful bold semi double pink flowers with an old fashioned...

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Decking Work

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in Projects

Decking offers an extension to your living area, a platform for socialising and relaxing, giving the illusion of a much bigger space. It can be a heightened platform to overlook your garden, or used to level out a sloping garden; single or multi level. Your proposed decking could offer a built in barbeque area,  water feature, table and chairs or even accommodate a hot tub! Here at Bourne Again gardens we can design and build to your specification, making your decking area exclusive to you. Decking can be made out of various materials, the obvious one being wood. We always use tantalized wood for our decking, offering a much longer life span due to being pressure treated. A preservative is injected into the wood, making it a well priced product, which is quality and always locally sourced by us. We are noticing an increase in demand for recycled and sustainable products for the garden and as a result of this are offering composite decking as an alternative to wood. Composite offers all of the benefits of wood but is sustainable and as flexible, without the need to stain/varnish. Recently Bourne Again Gardens carried out a raised decking project to overcome the problem of a heavily sloping garden. The decking was made to be in line with the rear door step offering an extension of the house, leading around to the original rear exit. The conservatory was higher then the rear door so a step in the decking was added to accommodate this. Our customer did not require a balustrade for aesthetic reasons, making the appearance of a full, spacious garden. Due to not having small children this did not create a health and safety issue. Our customers were delighted with the finished project which offered them an extension of their newly created sun...

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January Garden Maintenance at Bourne Again Gardens brings a poem!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in News

Well, January always brings lots of repair work, fixing and mending fences. Replacing posts and tidying up after the winter storms and this January has been no different. Fallen fences, storm damage and maintenance work is the order of the day! After working at a house in Barton last week we were delighted to receive this poem from a customer. She had asked me to price up some fencing repair work for her and explained how after getting a lot of different quotes, Bourne Again Gardens was the most competitive and she decided to use our company for the repair work, especially as we had been recommended to her by a friend in the village. Its always great to get feedback, but I must say a poem written for us is a first. Thank you so much Mrs Miers. A FENCING COMPETITION A Bob a job those were the days. A bob for this, bob for that, get it all done without any tat. Now when it comes to fencing with a post, or two. Everyone in the village has a different view.   Prices sky high for those on the make. Then down to the bottom with nothing at stake. The challenge is simple, to test which is best. The man who is honest shall beat all the rest.   So give Him a chance, with no screws loose. The others that scorn, shall cook their own goose. Remember to give, as honesty pays. And those who complain, need to mend their ways....

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Indian Sandstone Paving Job

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Projects

There are lots of different types of paving but the most popular type we get asked for time and time again has to be Natural Sandstone. It offers a hardwearing, strong stone with a natural appearance which is ethically sourced and reasonably priced. The slabs are frost resistant and suited to the British weather. Gary and Andy have just finished a job using Indian Sandstone in Raj green. Indian Sandstone colours vary from green, brown, plum and grey. They slabs come in different sizes to enable a random pattern. Our customer asked for the old paving to be lifted and taken away; then the ground prepared for the new paving. A random pattern was used for the main body of the paving, edged with sets in the same stone. The paving was laid then pointed using a wet mix to make it to give a solid finish and to prevent weeds. Here is the job before, during and after …. The old paving to be taken up. Dolomite added and whacked down to provide a solid base to accept the paving From the other angle! The random pattern design process taking place Almost complete, sets in the same stone laid all the way around the outside. Completed and pointed Indian sandstone paving area view from the back gate. View from bottom corner. Natural, ethical, hard wearing, frost resistant, hand cut – this paving has it...

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Design and build Hen House

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in News

Here at Bourne Again Gardens we were asked to design and make a hen house for a customer who’s hens had been sniffed out and taken by a fox. We were asked to design something that made it difficult for the fox to get to them. This meant taking the hen house off the ground to keep the cunning fox from the scent! The finished product consists of a hen house three feet high from the ground. It has three nesting boxes inside and lift up doors to each side to enable egg collection.  It gives the option of having a hen door for the hens to get in or a bigger door for access. A ladder will enable the hens get into their house to roost/lay their eggs! The finished product is 6 x 4 feet with a felt roof to keep the inside dry. Here at Bourne Again Gardens we can design and make any wooden structure that you desire. From benches to garden sheds we do it all for a reasonable price.  All you need to do is discuss your requirements and we can do the rest. Here are a few photographs of the design and build. Another photograph to follow when the hen house has been painted and the residents have moved...

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