All about Bourne Again Gardens

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The birth of Bourne Again Gardens

Bourne Again Gardens is Gary Bourne, with administrative support from his wife Kimberley, and his team of highly trained staff to meet demand in the North East area from Yorkshire to Tyne and Wear and everywhere in between.

The company was “Bourne” in 2005, when Gary fell into gardening work thanks to a natural aptitude and passion for woodwork, design, gardens and fresh air. Gary had found his calling and has never looked back; Bourne Again Gardens is now an established and respected company with many happy customers.

Bourne Again Gardens works all year round, covering a rough 30 mile radius around Darlington and Bishop Auckland, but will also consider work further afield in the Northeast. Bourne Again Gardens offers a domestic and commercial/industrial service for all types of gardening work, from ‘one-off’ jobs to weekly or monthly contracts.

What we stand for

Our philosophy is to exceed the expectations of each and every customer, from quote to completion, based on open communication and old-fashioned hard work. Our goal is to create an outdoor retreat; an attractive, relaxing and functional oasis that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

Bourne Again Gardens is committed to helping the environment and reducing our carbon footprint as well as that of our customers. All waste is disposed of at a registered recycling plant, and we encourage customers to incorporate composting, rain water storage, water butts, re-planting and re-using in their projects where appropriate. We encourage our customers to maintain a sustainable garden which can be credible as well as being worthwhile to the environment.

We support local businesses wherever possible. Here at Bourne Again Gardens we embrace the idea of  ‘buy local’, enhancing the local economy, creating jobs and helping to  improve prosperity in the North East. We use local suppliers for timber, turf, aggregate, recycling, nursery supplies, tool hire and machinery purchasing. As a local firm we understand the importance of sourcing local companies and supporting each other. Please ask us if you would like more information about our suppliers and products.